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1. 7:38 Running- Ned Shepard, Fredde Le Grand, Mitch Crown.
2. 10:21. Give Me Luv- Alcatraz. Enduring Climb
3. 4:21. On The Run- Shy FX. Flat Enduring Attacks
4. 9:13. Adiagio For Strings- Technikal & Steve Hill
5. 7:08. Rapture- Nadia Ali. Easy- moderate Flat
6. 7:18 Sweet Dreams. DJ Nick Corline


Check out the tracklist:

This stage of our race is the penultimate test of our endurance, or as I like to call it 'staying power.' It is of extreme importance that we maintain our current strong position as a peloton within this race. The sacrifice the riders face in order to accomplish this, will take mental and physical strengths to a whole new level. The main tactic to keep in mind during race stage 4 is this; Endurance is the ability to persist; even with ever increasing pressure & fatigue. This must evolve from each and everyone of us within our crew, dropping out is not an option, but the efforts required to compete for a place on the podium is an option.

During our cruisy warm up we remind ourselves of our goals and ambitions of this race stage. Whilst we are 'Running' and gradually increasing our intensity, we remind one another that to gain new fitness & improve perfromance is not going to be an easy ride. Then....BANG!!

That's it! The start gun fires, we have to begin a-blazing the heart and legs as during this track as we have a hill start and lengthy mountainous finish. I'm talking about a mountain which is an ultimate test of our leg strength and persistance to an absolute extreeme level SOMEWHERE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE!This is your chance of being in the race for the polker dot jersey.
'Give me Luv' is a 10 minute and 41 second relentless stint of working up and holding the highest loads we can handle. Team coach is looking for 100 percent effort on the big gears, aimng for an RPM of 65. Once our cadence drops, this is when our team will be in trouble, so we ride like warriors, shoulder to shoulder like a swarm of bees, aiming for the 1st of our 3 summits during this race. We have to grit our teeth, give our body the tough 'love' it needs to change to a new level of fitness and an even better position for our race. Our RPE builds from 8 for the first 4 minutes then for our next 6 minute stint we do not drop our effort below 100%- anything less we will slip down the hill and be out of our race position. Do not make this possibility...fianlly we reach the peak! Congratulate one another once we hit the summit, it's a whole new level which we reached together,a gruelling level of strength that we could only have ever dreamed of, has just been reached. As we reach altitude, we must suck up all the oxygen we can, remain in the the game and keep pressing ahead.

We are 'On The Run' during track 3 over a few small bumps in the road. Accelerating on top; attacking out of the saddle until we arrive at the top of each bump, then maintaining this cadence once we hit the deck as we swiftily descend down the backside of the bump; before we rise again. This track is split into 2x two minute halves. Feeling an uncomfortable RPE of level 7-8 throughout the track, it certainly is not an opportunity for sitting back and letting things wash over us. Moreover; we must use the opportunity to practice attacking, as we drive out of the saddle for short sharp bursts. The main objective for us is to maintain cadence over a moderate load, whilst controling through our centre of gravity so that we ride with efficiency, allowing us to save some energy for later down the track.

Track 4 AKA 'Adagio for strings' arrives which means we are testing all areas of our fitness during our mixed terrain where the working phases are between 2.5 to 3 minutes in duration. Its time to turn yourself in to an awesome all-rounder. Although adiago means the beat is 60 RPM's, we are riding way beyond this speed at many points during this track. Beginning with an intermediate climb, our second summit completes with another extreme ascent, this time dig in deeper you won't regret a thing! It's a short sharp stint of strength. Beyond our strength peak lies a flat. We bust out speed & sprints for an enduring 2.5 mins before descending for the final 3 minutes! Strength, power, sprinting, speed and endurance are all being put to the test riders, and due to this factor if we let circumstances control us, this part of the race may begin to bend your mind. It's up to you to leave absolutley no room for doubt in your mind that you can get through this, we must be there to abolish our competitors. As great allrounders it is our chance to get ahead.

The reward of working hard, is of course experienced during the next track, 'Rapture'.  A sweet, easy flat terrain. Some great, well earned recovery where we can move comfortably into the slip stream, easing out to a better position during 2 occasions but over all, our mission is to be able to conserve our energy sources for our grand finale.

Before we know it,  the easy terrain disappears. When we look onwards and upwards up all we can see is our final mountainous terrain. 'Sweet Dreams' of.... POWER, POWER and more POWER! Have you got what it takes to stay up with the hill climbers and allrounders? Ladies and gents its the fight for the yellow jersey. We split into 3 mini groups to make us a force not to be recond with. 3 stages which comprise of blocking and attacking to bridge the gaps, will drive your legs and heart into total oblivion. This is going to get messy so hold on tight and push like mad, looking for control from RPE of 7 working to 9.5. Persistant attitude at altitude is what we need to get to the top first. If you had the attidude YOU WILL own that for sure!

1. WARM UP.RPE 3/4/5 Running. Sultan, Ned Shepard, Freddie Le Grand & Mitchell Crown. Genre = Progressive House
2. MOUNTAIN STARTRPE 7/8/9/10 Give me Luv. Alcatraz. Genre = House
3. BUMPY ROADRPE 7&8.5On the Run. Feat David Boomah. Shy FX. Genre = Drum & Bass
4. MIXED TERRAINRPE 8-9.5 Adagio for Strings. Technical, Steve Hill. Genre = Hard Dance
5. EASY FLATRPE 6&7Rapture. Avicii new generation extended mix. Nadia Ali. Genre = Progressive House
6. POWER CLIMB. Sweet DreamsRPE 7,8&9. Nick Club Remix. Dj Nick Corline. Genre = Progressive House

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