Monday, July 22, 2013


Professionally Designed Workouts Now Possible at Home with the Official Launch of Cycle-In, a Video Based Indoor Cycling Application. 
Fitness enthusiasts around the world can finally stop worrying about missing their favorite exercise classes, courtesy of Cycle-In. This state- of- the-art video based application offers them a series of simulated cycling classes programmed by a group of sports scientists
Sydney, NSW 21st July 2013
A brand new video based indoor cycling app named Cycle-In has just hit the App Store. Cycle-in is an extraordinary application that offers the perfect simulation of the environment in cycling exercise classes via video footage. These video footages are available in the form of 45 minute long cycling classes that have been created in collaboration with renowned fitness professionals and sports scientists. This app promises to be a useful tool for the fitness freaks who don’t have time, but still want to have access to professionally designed and choreographed fitness programs. Cycle-in is now available for download  in iTunes for a  nominal price of $5.49 AUD.  To know more about Cycle-in or download the app, please visit
Cycling has always been one of the most popular exercises, and a number of cycling apps are now available in iTunes for the modern day fitness fanatics. However, Cycle-in stands apart from them because of its user friendly features. Firstly, unlike most other similar apps, Cycle-in users are not required to keep pressing stop and go. As a result, users can maximize the intensity of their workout without any interruption. Another useful feature is that it allows users to choose their desired video workout program. Cycle-in is completely result oriented with features like results tracker and written descriptions for each ride Graphical illustrations are also displayed for each session. 
Cycle-In users can certainly expect the best cycling fitness results because it has been created by a team of experts led by Elizabeth Makowski, a fitness industry veteran with 14 years of experience in this field. Elizabeth is passionate about making fitness a part of every individual’s life. “We have dedicated ourselves to providing the ultimate cycling video fitness solution which unlocks the limitations of individuals facing  fierce time constraints and possible restricted group exercise class access’’, she says. Explaining the utility of her new app, Elizabeth also mentioned, “People can now have access to an entire range of  professionally designed exciting cycling workouts on their indoor bike  anywhere in the world at absolutely anytime to suit their convenience and still achieve great quality results allowing them to achieve their health and fitness goals”. 

About Cycle-In: Cycle-in a unique indoor video cycling application owned and invented by Elizabeth Makowski ( Sports & Exercise Science, B.Sc.  Sports Therapy). Elizabeth has been a part of the fitness industry for 14 years, and successful in sports all her life. Makowski believes that a fitter world is a happier place. She is devoted to making fitness accessible part of everyone’s lives, every day. This innovative health, fitness and sport product is a refection of Elizabeth’s results focused mindset. The cycle-in application has been meticulously designed by sports scientists whilst instructed and choreographed by  a professional group of fitness instructors.


Elizabeth Makowski