Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Second stage

The second part of our race involves a steady state warm up with 'leave the world behind' which sets us up nicely for the game ahead. Keep in mind the intensity of the beginning of this race when working through the warm up so you and your participants are fully prepped to make your race today a success.We have a sharp steep 7min attack at the beginning of this stage of the race,  which by no means is for the faint hearted. The only option we have is to break away from the pack using our biggest gears over rapid speed. We blast the legs and heart with three working attacks pushing hard so we can spend our recovery intervals blocking opponents overtaking. Once the initial hard work has been completed the road begins to flatten off as we ride to 'Loletta' we feel the surge of speed and take advantage of the flatter ground. By the end of this track we begin to visualise an extreme mountain which will test & take our leg strength to the max, 22 mins of climb over 3 classic anthems to motivate us,  requires team spirit & concentration. The whole aim of the game now riders,  is to maintain a consistent cadence which coincides with the beat of the music whilst enduring an ever increasing resistance. From hear on in, we need to embrace the brave within, as the only way is up....up...and up. To complete the last stage of the race, riders must complete a final steep climb. Testing true anaerobic power, this part of the race acts as a true separation from the stronger riders and the weaker riders in the pack, the strongest survive, but only the fear resistant win. 

Track 1- WARM UP-Leave the world behind by Axwell, Laidback Luke
Track 2- STEEP CLIMB -Last Forever by , Klubfuiller Stu Hughs
Track 3- MIXED TERRAIN- Loletta Extended mix by- Fuzzy Heads
Track 4- STEADY CLIMB- The Lover That You Are by Pulse
Track 5- STEEP ASCENT- Out of The Blue by System F
Track 6- FINAL HILL ATTACK-Rising Like the Sun by Gisbo
Track 7- COOL DOWN- California Dreaming by Jamiroqui (Re-Mastered)

At the time of purchase all these tracks were PPCA free.