Friday, August 3, 2012




The short circuit style race course we are riding, comprises of a hill start,  where we climb up and around left & right hand bends, winding up around the streets to face an even steeper ascent requiring big power. After reaching the cities heights, we embark on a steep downhill, and then absolutly fly to the finish line on a flat road (......named baker street!?). This course requires riders to be strong, powerful and speedy. It is absolutley neccasary for everyone to utilise RPE scales within this ride to make it successful and reliable in terms of progression from week 1 to week 2.

As we make our way through each lap,  team coach demands that we shave 2 minutes off each lap time. He's a demanding old chap isn't he? This only means that we must scale further up the ladder in exercise intensity & RPE' approaching the final two laps. We CHALLENGE our bodies to do this by executing sharper turns on the first ascent; placing extra demands on each side of our body- our muscles will feel like they're scraping the tarmac!!!. We utilise massive gears with accelleration to maximise wattage on the second ascent, then we reduce the work to recovery ratio's (RPE's) on the descents and flats during the final stages to reduce our lap time. After all the less time we take- the more successful we will be...

On week 1, we are preparing for our competition. It is your job as team leader to take your riders through a training run of this course, the maximum RPE's would be 95%. This is a stage where we are working towards maximum but we do not get breathless. It is ultra important that you take the week to do this, so we pNroperly prepare our peleton physiologically and psychologically for week 2,  where the going gets tougher.

During week 2 it is GAME ON as we riders are now in to COMPETITION. During the warm up it is time to remind oneself of last weeks work. What was your power outage? Where did you get to on your RPE scale? What were your areas of strengths & weaknesses? The battle begins with a stronger start simulated by a higher gear/RPE than when you started last week. The margins are reduced between your work and recovery phases. This means that you will perfrom at higher levels, competing with last weeks perfromance reaching 100% of your physiological workload...Question is...DO YOU WANT TO WIN? Well, my peleton, as you approach the final circuit, you know there will be 'no easy way out'. Big efforts here will produce BIG pain and massive WINS. RPE 'levels' range from 90% to 100% and not below !!!! On the last flat of the last lap you are chasing GOLD. Feel the 'rainbow high in the sky'! and achieve your dreams. Can you be brave, compete with pain to push harder, faster & stronger? The grimace of pain on your faces shows team coach who gets over the LINE FIRST! Is it YOU?

WARM UP- Music by Nick Thayer & Ali B. TIME: 3:13
LAP 1:
WINDY ASCENT: Sunshine by Groove Watchers. TIME = 7:16. Week 1 RPE 60%-75%. Week 2 RPE 70%-85%
STEEP ASCENT: Since you've been gone by Daruso. TIME = 5:03. Week 1: RPE 70%-85% Week 2: RPE 80% -95%
DOWNHILL-FLAT-FINISH LINE: Baker Street by The Sax Brothers. TIME = 5:11. Week 1: RPE 50%-80%. Week 2: RPE 60%-85%

WINDY ASCENT: Freed From Desire by Steve Forest. TIME = 5:57. Week 1 RPE 75%-85%. Week 2: RPE 80%-90%
STEEP ACSENT: Mr Brightside by Jealous Guys.TIME = 4:18 Week 1 RPE 80%-95%. Week 2 RPE 85%-95%.
DOWNHILL-FLAT-FINISH LINE: Wii Go Crazy by Gammer & Dougal.TIME = 5:22 Week 1 RPE 60%-85%. Week 2: RPE 70%-90%

No Easy Way Out by DJ Fait. TIME = 5:16. Week 1 RPE 80-95%. Week 2 RPE 85-100%
STEEP ACSENT: Levels by Defiant DJ's. TIME = 4:29. Week 1 RPE 80-95%. Week 2 RPE 90-100%
DOWNHILL-FLAT-FINISH LINE: Rainbow in the Sky by DJ Paul Elstak. TIME: 3:28. Week 1: RPE 70-95%. Week 2 RPE 80%-100%