Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year 2012 everyone. May all your aspirations turn into real life results 2012.

Presented here is a continuation of our race -Stage 3 is now upon us, be warned it all ends in one BIG leg catastrophe. We battle up together during stage three with one mission in mind- 'One Team-One Dream!'. We start and finish together Peleton- pushing each others boundaries and fulfilling all potentials within each of us. Above all it is your own mission to come out of this stage feeling proud of the efforts you have made.

 As illustrated above, during the start of stage 3 (post warm up) we endure a mixed terrain, it's not long into the track before we hit an easy ascent with some light gears, and the gradient gradually increases.

We hit a flat at the bottom of the descent, where as leaders we encourage our riders to drive their legs through the correct gear for the beat, so that we can stay as one team. 'Carte Blanche' meaning complete freedom to act as one thinks best; we need to use our coaching skills to use the correct gears to challenge each participant to train as they think best to an RPE of 6 or 7 throughout the track. Aligning ourselves with the beat is the purpose over the enduring 7 min track, and our focus of course  is riding as a pack, blocking our opponents so we can stream ahead.   

A classic hardcore Madonna remix track is used to motivate our riders to power attack during our second ascent. 'Life is a mystery' is short, sharp and sure as hell burns! We use this track to break away from our opponents. It is now our responsibility as top coaches to ensure riders interval train between RPE levels 8-9 during the sharp ascending attack phases, whilst returning to a recovery of an RPE of 5 or 6 during our steep descents. To ensure everyone is on the right track here, coach some feeling cues. For example; how should the team feel at RPE'S 8&9 in comparison to RPE 5&6?.   Congratulate yourselves for achieving breathless and being  able to recover as only top athletes can really understand how to do this.

The hard work has been done for the moment riders. We head strongly forth ward into Track 6 a Hardcore Genre, yet nice and easy on the flat. Since our huge efforts created a big gap between us and our opponents during our last efforts, we now focus on light gears, so that we can sustain race pace (riding with the beat) over the whole road we are literally 'High on Life'. As great  coaches we have the opportunity of coaching the correct gears enabling riders to literally stick rubber to road and bottom into saddle. NO CHEATING.

Alas , don't get too comfortable riders, as our opponents begin to bridge the gap. Remember our mission is to approach the hill with one shared goal in mind 'we begin and finish together' . Hard Dance track 'Deeper' sets the scene for the first of our twin peaks. Time to take the opposition by sprinting through moderate to high gears getting ahead of the game challenging ourselves will ramp us into a more favourable position. Adrenaline is pumping and breathing is very uncomfortable at an RPE of 7 & 8. Don't be afraid to work hard as both efforts follow active recovery.

We got ahead, so now as the gradient markedly increases during 'Pasilda', the team trains with 8 mins of pure strength and endurance. Climbers- this is your time to shine. There's definitely no time for negative thinking. The clock is ticking, as the steady ascent dictates, we must apply maximum force over the pedal for the duration. We are to persist the maximum force to reach the top of the first of the peaks together,  to even begin to think about tackling a winning result. Please take note that the gears we use during this track are nothing but big and riding with awesome technique plus sustained effort will segregate us, from our weaknesses.

As we edge towards our second summit your motivation as Peleton leader is of paramount importance. You are to get the absolute best out of each and every rider in your team or our mission will end in defeat! During 'I have a dream' is our last chance to break our opponents. No-one said winning was easy.  Your legs will feel like they are travelling through hell, but it will be sure as hell worth it! Our opponents are not backing down, and by no means easy to beat. This means that all team members have their turn to group together, attacking and blocking simultaneously through some huge gears. Turning up the heat and burning through the burn, is your ultimate aim at this high altitude, working at an RPE of 9, allowing your teams' dreams to become a reality. Its a sprint finish, and all you got to think is 'yes we can' to accomplish our mission. Dont back down. Arriving at the peak together, beating your opponents means battling with persistence. Wheel to wheel, steel to steal, shoulder to shoulder can you work to your maximal potential driving the opposition to their defeat? You can if you really want it.  Well done Peleton- mission accomplished.

1.WARM UP. RPE 3-4. Jam in the Jungle by Basement freaks- Genre = Breaks
2.MIXED TERRAIN. RPE 5-6-7 Carte Blanche- by Veracoche- Genre  = Trance
3. POWER CLIMB INTERVALS RPE 8&9/ 5&6. Life is a Mystery by Eraserhead. Genre = Hardcore
4. FLAT . RPE 6.High on Life by Force and Styles. Genre = Hardcore
5. POWER ASCENT. RPE 7-8. Deeper by Rock N Roller. Genre = Hard Dance
6. STEADY ASCENT. RPE 8. Pasilda (ATFC Remix) by Afro Medusa. Genre = House
7. STEEP POWER ASCENT. RPE8&9. I have a Dream by Steve Hill. Genre = Hard Dance
8. COOL DOWN AND MUSCLE RELEASE. RPE 8/7/6/5/4/3 Beachball (Andry meets Schalli @ Monkey Island Remix) by Nalin & Kane. Genre = Chill out
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