Tuesday, May 21, 2013





1. 8:04 Changes. Chris Lake feat. Laura. Warm up Easy Gradual Ascent.
2. 4:38 Without You. Workout Remix Factory. Down Hill & Flats
3. 7:37 Elvis Was a DJ. Phunk Investigation. Hilly Terrain
4. 6:02 La. Marc Et Claude. Flat
5. 5:00 Eat God See Acid. TJR. Steep Climb
6. 6:47. Could You Be Loved- Nail & Needle
7. 6:32. Hit The Road Jack. Ray Charles. 
8. 4:34 On A Ragga Tip. SL2


Your all-round cycle fitness is put to the test during General Training 2. The all-rounders in your team excel in all areas of cycling fitness endurance, strength, speed & power. This riders is your mission, DO YOUR UPMOST to get your strengths stronger and irradiate your weaker areas by placing sheer determination through these particular tracks. Are you ready to accomplish? The general overview is illustrated as above, and within this graph you will see that once you climb you will be on racing on the downhills and flats. It is this terrain which is repeated three times, get ready to pull out ALL your punches!
With an RPE level of 40-70%, we begin the ride with a long steady ascent, feeling the friction on the road and big sweeping action of the foot, to include all the big musculature of the legs into the game. Power of the downhill? Yes! This actually happens so we don't go 'without you' . During Track 2 we perform in each track to the best of our ability, and we must use gears to keep us smooth and firmly attached to our road as we demonstrate our ability on both downhill and flat terrains. We hit a grueling climb during Track 3, your hips and heart should be feeling the pressure, drive the through the crank to attain top power through each of the three phases. A top effort of pace is the demand during La flat in Track 4. Who-ever dares, wins, if you dare to be different then go the whole hog and give 100% as we attack through the finish line of this track. Ascent 3, Eat God See Acid you will love the strength challenge, put your mind and your body into pressure, this is steep, this is deep,! THIS IS THE STEEPEST ASCENT YOU CAN IMAGINE!! Presented in Track 6, is fast furious flat, focussing on maintenance of pace through three working phases, will you give your best speed? The will to win, makes the difference between you and your competition during 'you could be loved', all positive thoughts here will pull you through the pace-line in the final 60 seconds allowing you to take the lead out and head into a strong position for attacking the competition team on ascent 4. If you work hard you can shelter behind your nemesis riders before creating powerful hill attacks. During hitting the road jack you are aiming for a breathless state 100% RPE, because you can't take no more slow stuff, sky rocket to the summit everyone, charging through a 8 second dash put your name on this Track! Pure power is being punched through the pedals on our grand finale track- thank goodness you have arrived. This is what it is definitely ALL ABOUT the decider between where you are now in your fitness and where you want to be. On a Ragga Tip is all about maximising your watts for a HUGE result, Use big gears big pace and big push through, 4 short sharp sprints with recovery to smash our goals and get us fit QUICK! See you at the finish !

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