Monday, May 20, 2013





1 6:49 My Way BK DUKE & Tom Leeland. Warm up Easy Gradual Ascent.
2. 5:40. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Spencer & Hill. Steady Hill Climb
3. 4:47 California Dreaming, Royal DJ's. Power Climb Intervals
4. 3:32 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough-Eliiess. Gradual ascent, sprinting
5. 4:06 I Got 5 On It-Luniz- Short Steep Hill
6. 6:08 Lost in Love-Legend B-Fast long Flat (speed endurance)
7. 5:14 Wonderful Life. Gorgeous X & Julia Falke, Power Climb
8. 6:51 Like the Wind-Tom Parr Mixed Terrain

We kick off your first General Training ride as one peloton'finding our way' through a flat terrain and gradually building up a small gradient; simulating as such by using bigger gears towards the end of the track. We effectively utilise the RPE scale, gauging our bodies reaction the exercise demand from our pace, gears and push, this happens right away during our ride. 

During Track 2, we're on a  mission to feel uncomfortable, riding at an average of 70% on our RPE scale as we leverage up our first working hill, we're drafting together as a peloton were so gonna rock this out CREW! 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'. 

We might be riding through cold conditions during California Dreaming, but we experience an intense burn inside. We have a pyramid of power attacks during a climb to test our ability to push well & truly through the lactic zone (80%+ RPE) whilst learning how to recover effectively when we have the opportunity to do so during the back side of each hill. This means we get a HUGE HITT of adrenaline which we all know and love leaving us with the training effect of our desire. Before you know it, the cadence on the pace-line becomes quicker, 'you don't stop till you get enough'. As you sprint your way up a gradual ascent, your focus is to remain on the beat during these short bursts of power to be able to keep up keep up! During Track 5, we hit the steepest most arduous part of our terrain, so take advantage of this opportunity & stimulate a strength response by driving through your biggest gears during 'i've got five on it'. Your legs will be working harder than your heart, maintain momentum to keep the power!

You have to stay in to win on our speed endurance challenge during Track 6, with lengthy intervals involving high pace on the flat. Blend your legs into the rhythm and use light gears to hold on to your  road so you can go the distance in the time, save some, and then pick your moment to shine through for your slingshot finish ;-)
The final two tracks in our first general training session involves pushing our current fitness whilst trying to find a new result and experience better fitness, so get ready to truly unleash and drive hard at your top end! To achieve fitness during 'Wonderful Life' get ready to smash your heart and your legs through a gruelling power climb, working at your top end will leaving you gasping for air as we drive over 3 humps and then learn how to block our competitors so we hold the pace, we keep pushing through the pain to WIN the game!

During our mixed terrain finish we have to ride like the wind, RIDERS .....STAY STRONG IN YOUR MIND, THIS IS THE definition of your cycling fitness as it will truly test all elements including strength, speed, endurance & power. Pressure under fatigue how will you perform now? Don't underestimate the power of your determination. So you grit your teeth drive your weaknesses take the lead out and push further through your strengths, grab the result that you came for- this is your epic finish!
A cool down section is compulsory in all great workouts, so take some time for your body to relax and join coach to recover so you can come back and work even more successfully next time!

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