Friday, October 22, 2010

To be an AWESOME cyclist you need to be an AWESOME allrounder

Hey everyone...this is my track latest list. Most of my tracks are sourced from BEATPORT. At the time of playing all tracks are used from PPCA free record labels. I do-not advise you to play these tracks in your classes without checking yourself that you have used PPCA free labels.

This is a mixture of terrains designed to increase your overall fitness levels for cycling.

1.WARM UP- Moonwalker- Danny Bryd
2. HILL TERRAIN- Do It Do It- Addy Van Der Zwan
3. FLATS - Greece 2000 (Eric De Koning Remix)
4. JUMPS- Guns & Ravers- Jurrassik
5. STEEP HILL- Cry for You- September
6. TIME TRIALS ON FLAT- Im not alone (Tiesto remix)- Calvin Harris
7. MIXED TERRAIN-(hill/flat/hill)- Blow Ya Mind (Dj Icy remix)-Lock n Load
8. HILL- California Dreaming - Royal DJ's

Feel free to leave your comments and enjoy!

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