Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been meaning to do this site for a while. I'm a nut bag indoor cycle instructor. I love the pain and the glory. AND... I know that there are so many instructors out there struggling with the new PPCA free rules in Australia right now.

Are you an instructor who feels obliged to find cover music? - often which is poor quality ? with plenty of awesome origonal TRACKS which are also PPCA free tracks out there, why would you go down this path?- There are also members of Fitness First participants of my classes who often ask what I am playing well...hey presto here are a truck load of 'em. Please feel free to browse through my track lists. Keep in mind that all my classes are structured with one goal in hill training, all-rounder training , sprints, power etc etc.

Feel free to leave your comments and enjoy!

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