Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Bringing Sydney BACK! With an endurance training protocol & PPCA free playlist. These tracks used are some of the of best that were taught during the latter stages of Canberra group fitness classes.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts once you have completed the protocol a couple of times. What did you think gave the greatest training benefits ? Personally I thought the three and a half successive hill climbing was rather chaotic but in a great way.


So the ultimate challenge of strength speed, power & acceleration has arrived. These elements of your fitness during this protocol are to be challenged under endurance conditions. That is; we must hold on even when the going gets tough. Its team coach's job to get you to the right place at the right time, whilst, it is your job to keep yourself in the game! The longer you can hold on the intensity (especially during the final stages) the more you will build your physical and mental stamina.

Post warm-up there is a 3 and half track climbing challenge. These climbs all require something different from you as they have incredibly different terrains and feels. For example; the first part of the ascent (let the sunshine in) focusses on smooth transitions and strength as we apply body weight out of the saddle and then work on the raw muscle power as we hit the saddle whilst improving our riding efficiency .This will feel tough, especially as we hit the end of the track. Remember it is your job crew to hold on tight at this point.

From here on in,  the hill becomes a very mean mountain AKA a Hors catégorie!  It's what I love...'I love rock and roll' We use the slow and heavy beat to tackle this acute gradient and we driving through our biggest gears. At at the end are giving our absolute 100% push to the crank, are we struggling to maintain the beat?...well congratulations then, you're in exactly the right place.
When we hit the first category 4 climb we truly hit the cardio training factor; do we need a doctor? We may well do, as we bulldoze through 3 successive ramps with massive momentum, driving force through the pedal and use huge gears...big watts equals better performance! Once we have achieved our breathlessness gasping point, we learn to control the breathing so we just utilise oxygen for energy again before we once again ascend and blitz our body into total chaos. All you have to think here is 'embrace the burn...the burn is good!'....Don't drop the gears too far, we are still 'awakening' ourselves to strength, endurance & power during our final component of our ascent challenge.
We work up the gears to stimulate a steepening climb until we hit an all time high. Reminding oneself of how to achieve results is to push over and beyond oneself giving 101% and above will send us over the edge of the mountain. Pushing out of the slip steam in short sharp bursts will put you in to a more favourable position in this race. This is an absoute must so we can create a stimulus to which our body will respond. Finally the downhill phase is here, focus on active recovery and then uptaking the gears to simulate the flat without of course losing any momentum!
We hit the training ride, using 'i got five on it' to drive & accelerate through big gears allowing us to produce stronger starts in the veledrome, your lungs and legs will feel the burn - hold on to this feeling as this is your results!
The final competition is here,  we make use the skills developed during our previous training ride. This final component of your training protocol requires massive determination comprising of repeated extended power intervals, during 'shooting star' you have to hold on to your biggest power through 4 maximum during the intervals. The rider who can hold on to the biggest wattage for the longest period of time through each time trial interval,  is the rider that wins the competition! So drive hard before you drive home & shoot for the moon at the same time :-)

  1. . WARM UP. EASY BUMPY ROAD Moves Like Jagger (Dizzy Bootleg Mix) by Audio Jack.Genre = House, RPE 40/50%/60%
2. CATEGORY 1 CLIMB  Let the Sunshine 2012 (Tocadisco Remix) by Milk & Sugar  Genre = House.RPE 70%-80% 
3. Hors catégorie (HARD CLIMB) I love Rock n Roll (Tribute to Joan Jet & The Blackhearts) by Studio All-Stars. Genre = Pop. RPE 80%-90%-100% ((Strength))
4. CATEGORY 4 CLIMB  I Need a Doctor by Dark by Design & Steve Hill. Genre = Hard Dance. RPE 90%-100%
5. CLIMB CATEGORY 3, DOWNHILL & FLAT Awakening By Rank 1. Genre = Trance. RPE 80%-90%-100%
6. INTRO TO THE VELODROME Police Radio Intro (Time Bandits Mix) by Alexander Metzger. Genre = DJ Tools. RPE 40%
8. COMPETITION TRACK (ACCELERATION & MAINTAINENCE OF POWER ON THE FLAT) Shooting Star by Bang! Genre = Happy Hardcore. RPE 100%-40%
9. ACTIVE RECOVERY The Sun is Shining (Dub Version) by Bob Marley. RPE 40-30%
10. STRETCH  When Soldiers Cry (Intro) by Minor Rain. RPE 20%

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