Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Back in Sydney to give the indoor cyclists progressive cycle fitness exercise programs. It's really great to be back, I only wish I could ship the Canberra crew up here for my classes! Miss you guys! My permanent CYCLE classes are as follows, covering everywhere else and I will try keep you updated on these too. If you are interested in knowing the other classes I will be teaching please feel free to email me bodywizeaustralia@gmail.com

MONDAY 12:20 & 13:00 FitNFast WestField Pitt St (CITY)
WEDNESDAY 06:10 & 06:45 FitNFast Westfield Pitt St (CITY)
THURSDAY 12:20 & 13:00 FitNFast Westfield Pitt St.(CITY)
FRIDAY 08:30 Balgowlah Platinum Fitness First
SATURDAY (29th & 6th September AS A COVER ONLY) 08:30 Balgowlah Platinum Fitness First
SUNDAY 09:15 Balgowlah Platinum Fitness First

I have had this particular track in my library for ages, gives me goose pimples everytime I listen to it. Then low and behold I stumble upon a PPCA free version....OH LOOK OUT FRIDAY CREW...ITS COMING AT YOU HARD, STRONG AND FAST TO KNOCK YOUR COTTON SOCKS OFF!!!!


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